Siberian Husky Show quality puppies available

Siberian Husky Show quality puppies available


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Sex : Male
Registered : KCI Registered
Breeds : Affenpinscher

Product Description

Show quality siberian husky male feale pups available in Delhi.

Pups are in blue eyes and also registered in kennel club of India(KCI).

more details caontact on Given number and also visit my facebook page -


We provide all kind of pure breed pups with breed garanty certificate and also KCI registered pups with microchip. We have breed like- Labrador Retriever German shepherd Golden Retriever Saint bernard Rottwiler Lhasa apso Beagle Pug Cocker spanial French bulldog English bulldog Chow chow Boxer Bull mastiff English mastiff Maltese Poodle Siberian Husky And many others Home delivery service also available in metro cities.

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