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Age in Month : 1
Sex : Male
Registered : KCI Registered
Breeds : Beagle

Product Description

I sell a very hight quality beagle puppy. His name is Amadey Mozart.

The puppy was born in 20.11.18. in the first litter.  He is show class puppy with a full package of documents of international standart. Regisered in the internation dog lovers association (FCI). Chipped and has all necessery documents in case if you want to bring it him to another country. 

I can get you all the paperwork on Amadeus and on his parents. The parents of this puppy are thoroughbred  beagles. Bpth participated in exhibitions more than once. They are also regisered in FCI.

He is a very good dog. Now i taught him how to give me a paw,he also responds to his name (btw you can change it if you dont like Mozat)). Very affectionate. 

price is 500 dollars. but of course there are doscounts. contact me by email and we will discuss all the details. 


i hope my pup will find a loving home. 

Additional Information


Black, Brown, Tricolour, White

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